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Bariatric Medicine

NorthShore Weight and Metabolism

Endocrinology & Obesity Medicine located in Amesbury, MA

Obesity is common, affecting more than 40% of the population. At NorthShore Weight and Metabolism Dr. Dominica Costello has earned her certification in Bariatric Medicine, and understands that struggles with excess weight go beyond diet and exercise habits. She understands the other factors that contribute to weight gain and obesity, such as genetics, hormonal imbalance, stress, and sleep issues. Call for a telehealth or in-person visit in the Amesbury, MA office, or request one online today.

Bariatric Medicine Q & A

What is Bariatric Medicine?

Bariatric medicine is a specialized field of medicine focused on the care of people with obesity. Having a BMI over 30 defines “obesity”. Bariatricians understand the genetic, biological, environmental, social, and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity. The NSWM team develops your treatment plan using the four pillars of obesity management: Nutritional Education, Behavior Modification, Physical Activity, and Medication.

What are the risk factors for obesity?

Obesity can affect anyone, but some factors increase the risk of becoming obese.

Here are some Obesity facts and risk factors:

  • Having one parent with obesity increases the risk 3-4 fold of developing obesity
  • Having both parents with obesity increases the risk of developing obesity MORE THAN 10-fold 
  • Weight gain occurs when the calorie intake is higher than the energy burned with activity
  • Poor-quality high calorie/high-fat foods are more convenient than in the past, and fewer people eat meals at home
  • Increased sedentary behaviors (work, screen time) have increased the risk of obesity
  • Shortened sleep time, late bedtime, and night shift work increase the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes
  • Many medications contribute to weight gain

How does the NSWM team treat obesity?

If you have been searching for support in your efforts to lose weight, you are not alone, and look no further! Our team includes a Medical Director, Director of Nutrition, and Program Coordinator who all have experience with bariatric medicine. First and foremost we are kind and welcoming and listen to your story. We design a program for you, using the four pillars of clinical obesity treatment: Nutrition, Physical activity, Behavior modification, and Medication. 

We may recommend a VLCD or LCD (Very Low-Calorie Diet/Low-Calorie Diet) or a modified plan to suit your lifestyle. We coach you on increasing your physical activity and behavior modification. When appropriate, referrals are made for individual behavior therapy, and prescription medication to assist in weight loss may be prescribed.

To learn more about how Dr. Costello treats obesity at NorthShore Weight and Metabolism, call the office or request an appointment online today

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