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People living with diabetes of any type have a lot to manage on a daily basis to maintain optimal health and avoid complications.  Dr. Costello is board-certified in the field of endocrinology and diabetes, and has extensive experience treating diabetes and associated conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and neuropathy (nerve disease).  Advances in healthcare delivery have improved quality of care by allowing more frequent visits with providers, using telemedicine and remote patient monitoring in addition to standard office visits.  Available technology allows Dr. Costello to view blood sugar meter and continuous glucose monitor results, insulin pump settings and reports, and she can hold your visits over telemedicine so you don’t have to travel, arrange child care, or miss work!

Often when people with Type 2 diabetes lose weight, they can discontinue some of their medications (including insulin!).  We have several weight loss programs available as well as nutrition education, and many of our patients have seen incredible improvements in their weight and diabetes control.  Call today or request a consultation online!


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